ILHC is around the corner! August 22 2014

(Photo by Andrew Fritz)

For the 6th year, the International Lindy Hop championships are taking place in Washington DC from August the 20 till the 24 at the luxurious Renaissance Hotel!

A four day event will include classes, live bands, dances, and of course the contests!

This year's categories are : Pro Showcase, Showcase,Team,Pro Classic,Classic,Slow Dance,Solo Charleston,4 Strictly Lindy (Open, Advanced, Invitational, All star),4 Jack & Jill Comps (Open ,Advanced,All star and Invitational), 2 Balboa Comps (Strictly and J&J) and they will be Live Streamed and commented  by So don t worry ! No matter where in the globe you are, you won't miss it. This is a one major event, really exciting to watch live. We say you get together with a couple of friends, cook some popcorn and buy some beer. Put on  the streaming, the thrill of attending a live competition is sizzling. Don't you miss it !

Here is a youtube playlist with all the 2013 winners for you to know what you wil be missing if you don't watch this once-in-a-year event !