Frankie 100 is coming... October 16 2013

No white walkers but all colors of the rainbow lindy hoppers from all around the world maybe very anxious and exited right now.

And this is because: YES! Frankie100 is only days left from becoming a reality.

If you love lindy hop, or any other swing dance, you will probably know who Frankie Manning is, but for those who may not know who he was, let me tell you that, what is happing on New York is something Awesome: peolple from all around the world will travel thousand of miles to attend a one in a lifetime party and thats the celebration of Frankie 100th birthday (if he would be alive, anfortunately he passed away some years ago) when we will remember him big! With a huge party, dance camps and more! 

If you want to know more about this on detail just go to Frankie100