Lindy Hop: A Korean Take Over September 12 2014

Lindy Hop in Korea has only started 7 years ago and has already become one of the biggest social swing dancing scenes in the world, gathering already more than 5000 dancers in the city of  Seoul. Not only there is a huge offer of swing dancing venues but also a the quality of the dancing can be compared to the one found on international events such as Herrang, an exchange, or a special event dance weekend.

There are several Lindy Hop clubs in Korea. Most commonly in Seoul, this are call “Swing Bar” which typically opens around 7 PM to the end of the dance and most of dances go from 8PM to 12AM, but it depends on the swing bar and the day of the week.Entrance fees are about $6 american dollars or around 5000 to 8000 WON, which is the Korean currency and include one beverage.

This growing community has lead up to swing addicts wish came true. YOU CAN DANCE EVERY NIGHT ! Yes! Seoul has up open Swing Bar from Monday to Sunday  Here is a recommended list for dancing: Sunday: Swing Time,Monday: Big Apple,Tuesday: Swing Time ,Wednesday: RingoPop or Swing Zoo,Thursday: Boogie Woogie or Sky Grand Ballroom,Friday: Happy,Saturday: (varies).

Korean swing dancers usually use their nicknames inside the scene, for fun and also to make the cultural gap smaller with the rest of the world dancers (Lets admit it, non Asian people as us suck at remembering and pronouncing names). So i will be common if you meet up  with people with cute,funny of English names that you wouldn't typically imagine. It is common on the scene to dance only one song with each partner, so don't feel excluded if you partner does not ask you for another dance!  Korean Men are said to be kind of shy, as a follower it is common to ask for a dance as well. This is an open minded community.

If you are planning to travel to South Korea  here is a special list of links that we have specially gathered up for you ! :

Swing Dancer Adamas contact and telephone number: or facebook          

mobile phone number for urgency. 011-784-0595 (+82-11-784-0595).




Most actualized calendar for swing dancing in Seoul online:  link to calendar



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