Coconut Island Women Dress

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If you started singing the song after reading "Coconut Island" then you must have been to Herrang !

Oh, such a wonderful place to be! An island full of coconuts, like in Louis Armstrong song. 

Get cast away to the summer any time of the year with this dress! 

Aline, Knee Lenght, Spaghetti Strap, Mid elasticity, empire waistline. 

"On a coconut island
I'd like to be a castaway with you
Just to bask in your smile 
And to realize my dream come true

I would linger a while and just gaze into your lovely eyes so blue
Then I'd walk for a mile and come running back to be with you
There the waves would make a pair of willing slaves of you and me forever
And we'd laze for days and days and never gaze out where the ships go sailing by"

PS: Any swing dancer that know where the fun is, has attended to the pub nights in Herrang where a lovely band plays this song every week, and I can say it is their hit number one If you haven't go next year!

Size Chart S M L XL            XXL
Bust cm 88 92 98 104          110
inch 34.6 36.2 38.5 40.9         43.3
Waist cm 70 74 80 86             92
inch 27.5 29 31.4 33.8          36.6



cm 102 103 104 105           106  
inch 40 40.5 41 41.3          41.9


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